Helping Your Child Become a Better Reader

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Successful readers do four things: sound out words, read fluently, comprehend what they are reading, and love to read.

Step One: Word Attack
It’s important for your child to be able to recognize letters and sounds. Phonics and sight words are crucial to your child’s development. Dolch’s sight word lists and Ekwall’s sight words list are excellent tools to assist with sight words. Once your child is familiar with the patterns and sight words, it’s time for him or her to move on to step two.

Step Two: Fluency
Fluency is the step in which your child puts together words and sounds to read passages. It’s best to start with phrases, such as Fry’s Phrases, and then move to on to full passages.

Step Three: Comprehension
Once your child can read fluently at their grade, it’s time to move on to comprehension.

Step Four: Love of Reading
Fostering a lifelong love of reading is a must. One of the best ways children can develop a love a reading is by reading from a series.

Affordable Care Act Information

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There are a lot of websites and information flying around about health insurance options and requirements.  Before you panic -  Visit and click on "See your options".  This site will walk you through a fill-in form to give you a checklist of information and lead you to more resources to make a good decision about your health care choices.  This site features cost calculators, local enrollment support and informational brochures that are specific to your state.


First Storytime is September 13 @ 10:30a with Miss Judy

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Back to school! Back to school!   Join us for storytime for all ages on Friday, September 13.  If you are interested in volunteering to lead our storytime in October, please see Andrea.  We may be in need of a few volunteers to read and do crafts with the kids.

Also - Remember to use the library for all of your research and school projects!


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