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Trial Run of the Montello Library Teen Advisory Board Concludes


The trial run of the Teen Advisory Board at the Montello Public Library has come to a conclusion; it was a resounding success.  The Teen Advisory Board began meeting in March, holding 10 meetings over the course of several months.   Meeting attendance was a stellar 72% over the course of the trial run, and the members and guests put in 46 hours of community service and recommended two items for purchase.   TAB members and guests were presented with certificates of achievement at the final meeting.

With that being said, TAB members were asked about their experiences before the trial run concluded on August 20.  Here is some of their feedback:

“I learned how to run a legit meeting,” said Nate T.  “Plus, I read over the summer,” he said.

“It was a learning experience that helps your future,” Hailey S. commented.  “I was able to work on my social skills over the summer.”

Connecting with new people was a theme on the feedback forms.  “It was a lot of fun to see new people,” Roxanna C. noted.  “I was able to read a lot more this summer.”

“I had fun cleaning up the library garden,” Garrett K. said.  Austin D. countered with, “I got to help out at the events.”

The TAB members were responsible for helping out at all three summer library program events.  They worked with both performers and Miss Andrea before, during, and after performances

“The Teen Advisory Board helps define work ethic, timeliness, and follow through-- it’s a developmentally-appropriate venue for teenage civic-minded engagement.  TAB’s mission builds upon the notion of betterment for the community.  I am extremely proud of all the TAB members and what they’ve been able to accomplish here at the library since we started the Board in March,” said librarian Jess Bruckner .  “We will re-launch this initiative after a short break in the near future.”

The Teen Advisory Board would to thank Mrs. Donna Klahn, Mrs. Anita Bruckner, and Mrs. Charlotte Hoffman.